Phillip Bloom gets GH2 ‘Driftwood’ Intra Hack at Turin Brakes gig


On the 10th December 2011, well known UK DSLR blogger, Phillip Bloom, came down to Brighton to watch his buddies ‘The Turin Brakes’ play the Optimist live. Before the gig started Phillip popped over to greet me and demanded me upload my Driftwood ‘Quantum 9B’ Settings to his Panasonic GH2.

We had plenty of time to chat before and after the gig with both of us expressing the joys of this great little camera – made even better with the tools provided by the original hacker Vitaliy Kiselev and my 156Mbps all intra setting. It wasn’t long after that the settings went global and appeared in the Zacuto Great Camera Shootout in 2012.

Here’s a recording of The Turin Brakes gig I made with the GH2s (part Driftwood Quantum 9B setting, part cbrandin 44M settings for economy) and a couple of Canon 5Ds with the Driftwood Productions team.

The whole gig was recorded in HD, but was loaded on Vimeo at 720p (it is over an hour long!) so enjoy this live recording of perhaps their best and most popular album.

pic by Phillip Bloom

pic by Phillip Bloom

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