Lumix BGH1 Launch Plus FREE BGH1 Driftwood Settings

Today marked the launch of the fabulous new Micro Four Thirds Sensor Camera, the Panasonic LUMIX BGH1 – a truly adaptable camera system for studio live production, live multicam Inc streaming (more than 1 cam), Streaming with Genlock frame sync (very accurate better than timecode), ethernet live broadcast, VR180 (two cams)/VR360 (4 cams), B / C cam for tight space filming like scenes in cars… Etc

This camera can do it all and it has full featured connectors including full size HDMI, SDI Out, Timecode in/out, Genlock frame Sync In, Hotshoe (for XLR1 audio), USB 3, dual SD slots, programmable control SDK, WIFI, BT, and so much more.

And if you havent heard by now the camera itself features the ability to record upto 60p 10-bit internally, features V-Log L, 24p, 23.98p, 25p and 30p, 50p & 60p, anamorphic, dual ISO, 13 stops of DR, etc…

To celebrate the launch I’ve programmed up some favourite settings for a variety of scenarios including Broadcast, Live, Cinema, VR and more and you can get them here FREE by downloading below. Please don’t forget to sign up to my site as I’m always giving out stuff like free LUTs and other things you can buy to help you in your work.

The DWDBGH1 settings are programmed to best suit each scenario. The manual settings have the Shutter programmed for the bottom right ‘programmable’ function button. The ‘P’ (aperture/Shutter Program Control settings keep the WB (White Balance on the bottom right because they don’t need shutter control (it does it for you). Inside you will find ideal settings and frame rates for all scenarios. It’s simple to switch between them from the Custom setting menu.

Any requests to further these custom settings please let me know via email or by replying on the Facebook Groups site ‘Lumix BGH1 Video Filmmakers Group’.   Please dont forget to join the group!

Copy this unzipped folder to a SD Card and LOAD Custom Settings from the BGH1’s Custom Settings Load/Save menu. Simple.