Driftwood V-Log LUT Pack v1

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Unzip each of the three files, then, unzip the 001 (002, 003) files again to decompress the zip into the one folder entitled ‘Driftwood_LUT_Pack1’.

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Finally! Over 100 Pro filmic V-Log LUT (Look Up Tables) for your purchase. Sorry I’m charging, its taken a good few months of analysis and grading to come up with what I think are really useable filmic looks.

Consequently the majority of them should be treated as creative style grades so remember to insert pre adjustment nodes (Davinci) or Adjustment Layers (FCPX/Premiere/etc) to offset and contrast adjust.

Graded in V-Log (V-Gamut, often transformed to Arri Log C/Wide Gamut) all have been adjusted to a Rec709 colour space .cube LUT file, so please, copy them over to your LUT folder for your particular NLE.

Set a Rec709 (Gamma 2.4) timeline/Display space to ensure you are getting correct colours.

There’s over a 100 LUTs with some similar but often quite variable differences and tweaks.

I hope you like.

Nick Driftwood

NOTE: I will be donating £10 for every pack sold to The Alzheimer’s Charity UK – dear to my heart as my mother is suffering from this and I feel we all should do what we can to help find a solution to this dreadful disease. 

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