Driftwood V-Log V-Gamut Sample LUT

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A free sample LUT crafted and coloured in V-Gamut to Rec709 for you to try out. Taken from the Driftwood V-Log LUT Pack Volume 1 featuring over 100 filmic V-LUTs, power grades, tools and VLTs.


Here is a typical Driftwood quality LUT found inside my Driftwood V-Log V-Gamut LUT Pack Volume 1.

Give it a go and push around the shadows and highlights and balance midtones on your V-Log footage. If you like, you can find more ¬†special Driftwood LUTs in my available LUT pack Vol . In fact, there are¬†over a 100 of them in what I consider really really useable grades. These have taken me several months to build and analyse. They are filmic whilst themic plus I’ve included curves, VLT’s for in camera, a few sample Powergrades plus some transform tools all inside the Pack. Take a look and be surprised how good the colour rendition is, how good you can push them in the grade (they are all Full data but you can convert with my Full to Legal LUT.

Enjoy, this free sampler. Don’t forget to order my pack before they go up in price.

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