Landscape Photography

The wide angle / long shot landscape image is the first thing that hits me on discovering a good location. As a throwback to my filmmaking, location scouting is one of the first things we do in preparation for a shoot, and when you turn a corner, climb a hill, or walk through into an opening and something magical unfolds before you it is important that I capture that ‘establishing image’ with photography to remember for future use. Both the Lumix S1 and S1H together wide the Lumix S 16-35 W/A lens gives me that opportunity to shoot at nice¬†resolution together with a choice of ‘wides’ up to that classic 35mm image. When I later shoot films I come back to these shots as my field of axis guide.


Shot on Panasonic Lumix S1 with Lumix Pro 70-200 f4 lens



Lumix S1 70-200 f4



Lumix S1

Sussex hidden waters, Poynings